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Serving members, supporters and citizens in the towns and villages around West Oxfordshire, including the following wards:


  • Alvescot and Filkins
  • Ascott and Shipton
  • Bampton and Clanfield
  • Brize Norton and Shilton
  • Burford
  • Carterton North West
  • Carterton South  
  • Chadlington and Churchill
  • Charlbury and Finstock
  • Chipping Norton
  • Ducklington
  • Eynsham and Cassington
  • Freeland and Hanborough
  • Hailey, Minster Lovell and Leafield
  • Kingham, Rollright and Enstone
  • Milton under Wychwood
  • North Leigh
  • Standlake, Aston and Stanton Harcourt
  • Stonesfield and Tackley
  • The Bartons
  • Witney Central
  • Witney East
  • Witney North
  • Witney South
  • Witney West
  • Woodstock and Bladon




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This was a special Election Year with County, District, Town and Parish Council Elections all happening simultaneously on the 6th May 2021.


Ballot Card

Never have so many councillors been up for election at one time and so much is at stake at Parish, Town, District and County Councils.


We can build back better - and this was your opportunity to build the local government that you want.



Throughout the West Oxfordshire District you saw Green Party Candidates standing for election.



 The count took place on Sunday 9th May.




Andrew Prosser who is already Town Councillor for Witney North was elected as the first Green Councillor on the West Oxfordshire District Council.  


Three Green Members were elected as town councillors around West Oxfordshire.


Do not have a doubt - the one green councillor will make a real difference. 




Helen Gavin Andrew Prosser Green Party Candidate for Eynsham  & Cassington in the 2021 District Council Elections and Eynsham  & Cassington in the 2021 County Elections
After an exceptional period of elections both locally and nationally in 2019, all local elections for 2020 were postponed until May 6th 2021. We had active campaigns running in Witney North and Eynsham where we were confident of winning at least one ward which would have given us our first Green District Councillor for a very long time. However, the continuing sad saga of the Covid-19 pandemic eliminated that opportunity and we moved our sights onto the 2021 local elections.
Having postponed the 2020 District and Town/Parish council elections means that we were in the very unusual situation in May 2021 of fighting both district council and county council elections alongside each other. In those elections there weree:
We had nominations for most of the County and District Council seats. Check them out on our candidate page.  If you are interested in putting your name forward for future elections please contact the Branch Chair, Barry Wheatley. As and when candidates for 2022 are selected by the Branch or the Oxfordshire Green Party we will post them on our Candidates page.
Most of the parish and town council seats are apolitical and councillors don't declare their political allegiance, but they are good grounding for anyone wanting to serve their local community and can be a springboard to District and County level elections. We would encourage all Green Party Members and supporters to seriously consider whether they could contribute to their local town or parish council.  With the potential prospect of a Unitary Council for Oxfordshire on the horizon, the experience from other parts of England is that Town and Parish Councils become more important. 
2021 offered an opportunity to get the green voice heard at all levels of local government.  In both Witney and Charlbury town councils we have already seen what a difference it makes having a Green in the council chamber.  In 2022 we will be looking to extend our influence with more councillors taking seat around West Oxon.
Andrew Prosser Green Party Candidate for Witney North in the 2021 District Council Elections and Witney North & East  in the 2021 County Elections
Given our limited financial resources we are heavily dependant upon volunteers assisting the development of our campaign over the coming months. If you can help either with time, resources and/or skills, such as generating content for newsletters and social media please contact our Deputy Chair, Frances Mortimer 
Alternatively, if you would like to help sponsor our campaign please visit our donation page. Even the smallest donation will make a difference. We rely entirely on your donations and membership to campaign in West Oxfordshire. Unlike other parties we do not receive funds from corporations, non-doms, trade unions or such likes. Your personal donation is our only source of income. Even the smallest donation will be helping to make a big difference.