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Serving members, supporters and  citizens in the towns and villages  around West Oxfordshire, including the following wards:


  • Alvescot and Filkins
  • Ascott and Shipton
  • Bampton and Clanfield
  • Brize Norton and Shilton
  • Burford
  • Carterton North West
  • Carterton South  
  • Chadlington and Churchill
  • Charlbury and Finstock
  • Chipping Norton
  • Ducklington
  • Eynsham and Cassington
  • Freeland and Hanborough
  • Hailey, Minster Lovell and Leafield
  • Kingham, Rollright and Enstone
  • Milton under Wychwood
  • North Leigh
  • Standlake, Aston and Stanton Harcourt
  • Stonesfield and Tackley
  • The Bartons
  • Witney Central
  • Witney East
  • Witney North
  • Witney South
  • Witney West
  • Woodstock and Bladon




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 Green Party Candidates 

West Oxfordshire District Council Elections 2023

On Thursday May 4th 2023 there will be elections for 16 wards and in 18 Town and Parish Councils.


This year we have candidates confirmed in 12 of the 16 wards. Click on the Ward name to take you to details of the Green Party candidate.


Alvescot & Filkins 

Vote Green Vote for Tim Eden in Freeland & Long Hanborough

Miles Gibson

Miles graduated from the The Scottish Agricultural College having studied Organic Agriculture


Prior to this he worked in mental health in London with young people.  He still works as a counsellor at the University of Reading. 


Alongside this work he has established his own organic liqueur business based around his family home in Westwell in West Oxfordshire.  He grows all the fruit and flowers he uses to make his award winning liqueurs. 


In the last few years he has been focusing on developing the land not used for growing fruit to enhance biodiversity on his patch - planting trees, sowing wild flowers, allowing parcels of of land to go wild.


If elected Miles will work hard to:

- ensure nature recovery and flood prevention and get them introduced into the Local Plan, 

- only support new housing that is based on local needs and will push for all developments to have the right infrastructure in place before building starts.


Bampton & Clanfield

Matthew Morton

Matt Morton has lived in Bampton with his wife and family for 7 years. They moved from East Oxford where Matt had served four years as a City Councillor, investigating rainwater harvesting potential, supporting the adoption of ‘End Ecocide’ campaign, and supporting the boating community.  He co-founded the Westhill Farm Project and was involved in numerous community initiatives and campaigns. 


Matt and his wife run their Bampton based landscaping business operating throughout West Oxfordshire and Oxford City. There is a focus on planting for wildlife and pond creation. They use local tradesmen and suppliers for projects large and small across the whole of the district.

He is standing for election to have the opportunity to look after this wonderful patch of the Thames Valley.

Vote  Green Vote for Alma Tumilowicz for Bampton & Clanfield

With a background in ecology he has a keen interest in protecting and enhancing habitats, especially the river and the brook where their children enjoy playing and swimming. Matt regularly walks their Alsatian dog around the many walks around the Bampton and the wider area and has gained a broad understanding of the local environment. 


Matt studied Ecology and Sustainable Habitats at Oxford Brookes, Zoology at Auckland University and Permaculture in New South Wales. He is interested in improving local systems to assist in the care of the world as a whole. He likes to connect people and looks for the links required to solve problems, be that in landscaping or local politics. Matt has supported the Green Party for over 30 years, starting in New Zealand where his Environmental Science tutor Jeanette Fitzsimmons became the leader of the NZ Green Party.   


Matt enjoys playing music in Bampton and with his Oxford Based band Papa Nui.

Carterton North West

Tony Barrett


Tony Barrett has lived in Carterton for 20 years and seen it expand dramatically in that time. As an ex bus driver he knows the importance of a comprehensive public transport system. Clean public transport, including a light rail link to Oxford, and more bus services linking towns and villages will help to reduce our over-reliance on car use.


If elected, he will also work for more cycle paths to encourage cycling with all the health benefits and well being that would bring.


Vote Green Vote for Tony Barrett in Carterton North East

Charlbury & Finstock

Liz Reason

Liz has been a member of Charlbury Town Council for 15 years and its Chair since 2021, delivering a strategy to tackle the climate and ecological emergencies .


Liz was Chair of the Green Party of England & Wales from 2018 – 2022. She is Chair of Southill Community Energy, a 4.5MW solar farm outside Charlbury.


Formerly she was director of an energy markets consultancy and a wind development company, and subsequently worked as a consultant in energy and buildings.

If elected Liz will focus on ensuring that there is a well-developed and coherent strategy for improving the energy efficiency and reducing carbon emissions from buildings starting in Charlbury and then throughout West Oxfordshire.

Chipping Norton 

Arron Baker


Arron is looking to get elected as the Chipping Norton Ward Councillor to bring change at a local level with the move towards a greener circular economy and energy generation.


He has a keen interest in Zero Waste living and how community driven local energy generation can assist in the move to Net Zero, supporting the wider national just transition.


Professionally, Arron is an experienced Negotiations Officer working within the modern Trade Union movement supporting employees in the workplace to improve their pay, terms and conditions.

His work includes supporting employees who find themselves in challenging situations, utilising his skills in active listening to identify key issues to find mutual resolution.


He is used to reviewing and writing key policy documents, bringing stakeholders together and applying the right strategies to achieve the best outcome for those he supports.


His general view is that sufficient time has passed for us to understand the change that’s needed and whilst international and national policies can help, its at the local level through community driven projects that can make the real difference to everyday lives and out planet.

Eynsham & Cassington

Nicholas Goodwin

Nicholas has lived in Eynsham since his children attended Bartholomew School; now it’s his oldest grandchild. He works for the University of Oxford, cycling regularly but grateful for the new H2 bus service. He has attended churches in Cassington and Eynsham - a good place to live with many thriving community groups and a strong awareness of green issues.


It was therefore disappointing to hear the Government’s planning inspector had removed the requirement for the new Salt Cross development to provide good quality, net-zero-carbon homes, despite West Oxfordshire District Council’s efforts.

Vote Green Vote for Celia Cerslake in Eynsham & Cassington

This decision is being challenged, but we must find other ways of tackling the climate crisis, such as supporting the Community Action Plan to reach Zero Carbon.


Last year’s elections brought an important change to the Council; the Green Party, Liberal Democrats and Labour group agreed to form the ‘West Oxfordshire Alliance’ to work for everyone in West Oxfordshire. They have funded community groups helping people with the increasing cost of living and pressured Thames Water to reduce sewage leaking into the river but there is so much more to do.


Please use your vote to ensure the effort continues.

KIngham, Rollright & Enstone

Barry Wheatley

Originally from the midlands, Barry Wheatley has lived in Woodstock for over 30 years and his daughter studied at the local Marlborough CofE School.  He is a Chemical Engineer with 50 years of experience in various aspects of environmental technology, renewable energy, management and business development.


Since 2004 he has been running his own businesses from his home in West Oxfordshire and as a result of collaboration with Oxford Innovation has been leading several projects in the Middle East in the Life Science, Environment and Health sectors.


Barry is passionate about supporting small businesses, and was chair of the Oxfordshire Federation of Small Businesses for some years. 

Vote Green Vote for Barry Wheatley in Woodstock & Bladon

Since 2019 he has taken on the role of Chair of the West Oxfordshire Branch of the Green Party and more recently Chair of the countywide Oxfordshire Green Party.


If elected he would fight to help our small businesses to recover from the disaterous managment of the ecnomy by the national government; would do his best to make sure that there was more urgency the District’s Climate Change strategy and importantly, that future housing developments should only take place responding to local needs and are built in the right place and where adequate infrastructure and services are in place - before building starts.

Stonesfield & Tackley

Vote for Rosie Pearson in Brize Norton & Shilton

Genny Early

Genny Early runs a small nature, RHS Chelsea Flower Show award-winning, art and design studio “A Blackbird Sang”, with her partner, where they create pieces of art for gardens, landscapes and homes.  


Genny has just finished studying for an MSc in Conservation Ecology at Oxford Brookes University, with a dissertation on floodplain meadow plants. 


After several years in academic publishing, she now wants to do as much as she can, using a wide range of skills, to help

communities to protect and regenerate the natural landscape, flora and fauna. Genny works with local Oxfordshire conservation groups including the Wychwood Flora Group, managing landscape for wild flowers, and the Farmland Bird Aid Network, feeding and monitoring farmland birds and other wildlife.


If elected Genny is keen to work to improve social fairness, increase support for young families, and sustainably revitalise the local rural community.

Witney East 

Vote Green Vote for Rae Cather in Ducklington

Ben Fleetwood

Ben Fleetwood lives in East Witney with his wife, their young daughter and dog, Jack.


Having worked in the automotive industry for 20 years, in 2018 he set up his own electric vehicle leasing business, also in Witney


Ben has a lifelong interest in the natural world and takes a special interest in our local wildlife and the conservation of our natural spaces.



If elected Ben said he would:

 - work hard to be an active voice within the community in which I live,

 - championing a healthy and active lifestyle.

 - continue the work to improve play areas and other facilities,

 - work hard to tackle air quality

 - work to provide more safe walking and cycling routes into town.


I also want to work to bring forward the Shores Green slip roads and will press the County Council to speed up improvements on the High Street.


Witney Central

Harriet Kopinska


Harriet has lived in West Oxfordshire for over 15 years and has two children who go to school in the area.


Until recently Harriet worked in Witney, supporting students to achieve their qualifications at Abingdon and Witney college, as well as teaching Environmental Sciences through distance learning with the Open University. Harriet now uses that experience when volunteering with local scout group supporting young people to develop skills for life.


Harriet feels very lucky to live and work in such a lovely area,  and is passionate about improving livelihoods and health whilst protecting the environment through truly sustainable development. 

Vote Green Vote for Harriet Kopinska in Witney East

In her own village, Harriet runs a 'Toad patrol' to help toads cross the road safely  during their migration season.


Harriet is a recent convert to the electric bike which has transformed her journeys, making travelling on her bike in the local area often the most attractive transport option.


If Harriet was elected as well as pushing for improved public transport such as the Witney Oxford Rail Link, she would encourage more active travel both within Witney and to the neighbouring villages, she would stand up against housing proposals that potentially contribute to increased flooding, air pollution and ever increasing congestion on our roads.  She would also do her best to encourage the Councils to invest in more leisure facilities and for the councils, local land-owners and business to do their best to encourage nature to flourish in and around our beautiful town.

Witney North

Vote Green Vote for Sandra Simpson in Witney South

Sandra Simpson


Sandra Simpson has lived in Witney for over 20 years.  She was a lecturer with the Open University and University of Hertfordshire teaching IT and Business studies.   Since retiring she spent several years teaching local people the skills to help them gain employment.


Interest and understanding of the environment was fostered through studies in natural sciences with the Open University. 

Throughout Sandra's time in Witney she has been an active volunteer, giving her time to playgroups, the bowls club and teaching lifesaving, as well as to several wildlife groups. She founded the pioneering Wood Green Area Waste Action Group, which started the first green waste collections at the council offices and arranged monthly Swap Shops.


Sandra has been active in the ward for many years, including working alongside Cllr. Andrew Prosser to support residents with the cost of living crisis and bring forward safe walking and cycling routes. Greens oppose the siting of 1400 new houses in North Witney and Andrew successfully challenged a planning application for 110 houses off Hailey Road in 2019. 


If elected Sandra will work hard for residents, including: 

  • continue standing against building 1400 new houses in North Witney
  • pressing the County Council to speed up improvements on the High Street.
  • continuing to work to improve play areas here, and safe access into town.

If you elect Sandra she will join Andrew Prosser to provide a strong Green voice for Witney North on the Council, pushing for joined-up action on planning, transport,local jobs and services.

Witney West

Vote Green Vote for Frances Mortimer in the Bartons

Dr Frances Mortimer


Frances grew up locally and 15 years ago moved back to West Oxfordshire to live with her husband and now their three children. She studied medicine in Oxford and London and worked as an NHS doctor for five years before leaving in 2008 to co-found the independent charity, The Centre for Sustainable Healthcare, where she now works as Medical Director.


She loves the freedom of e-bikes and is often to be seen cycling into Witney on the family's blue e-cargo bike with a couple of kids on the back! She is a member of a local Land and Nature working group and over the past three years has been liaising with local farmers and the community to plant trees and protect local wildlife.

If elected, she will continue to work towards creating a thriving community where much more of our food is grown locally, our homes are efficient, the air and the rivers are clean, streets are safe for people of every age to get around on foot or by bike, and we are well-connected by public transport.