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Clean Air


About The Green Party in West Oxfordshire

The Green Party is a different kind of political party. We believe in building an open, free society that embraces the oppressed and speaks for the minority. We strive for a political system that isn’t satisfied with the bare minimum, one that helps people live truly secure, healthy lives. We refuse to strip the planet for one generation’s gain, and are working towards creating a sustainable, reliable future – for the sake of other species, as well as ourselves. 
These core beliefs have helped create our policies, and since our beginnings only a few decades ago we have seen tens of thousands of people come to us with the same convictions.  
The Green Party's membership has grown substantialy over the last few years  – with over 52,000 members throughout the country and now more than 1,000 in Oxfordshire . We believe the Green surge can really change politics in the UK, and we hope you will join us in shaping the future of this country. 

The West Oxfordshire Green Party is a branch of the Oxfordshire Green Party and of The Green Party of England and Wales. We are addressing the issues of our time, taking local action to solve local, national and global issues.
If you would like to know more about the objectives and organisation of ehe Branch its constitution is here.


The Branch primary role is to support and run campaigns for Green Party candidates at parish, town, district and county council elections.

Clean Air and Water are essential rights

Our Vision for West Oxfordshire:

We are concerned with the wellbeing and future development of the whole of West Oxfordshire. Major Development projects are underway in and around the towns of  Witney, Chipping Norton, Eynsham and Woodstock which need a much more environmentally sustainable approach. However, the core of what makes West Oxfordshire special is its natural and built landscapes, its array of historic places and wonderful towns and villages. We feel that it is important to protect those things that make West Oxfordshire special.   


The District is by nature a rural area with Agriculture and Tourism forming important parts of the local economy. We believe in sustainable rural development of the kind identified by campaign organisations such as CPRE, as well as providing efficient, economical and environmental housing and transport. 


Come and speak to us at one of our events to find out more about what we stand for.  You can find the relevant information from the Events page in this website.



We are active supporters of sustainable transport, including pushing for more and safer cycle routes. We also cofounded Witney Oxford Transport (WOT) a group campaigning to provide a tram/train link between Oxford and West Oxfordshire. After successful lobbying, the County Council and the government awarded WOT £30m to begin creating long-term sustainable transport alternatives to the gridlock on the A40.



Nobody should be without a secure, affordable home. We have been active around the District campaigning for affordable housing. New houses are being built or planned in Witney, Eynsham, Chipping Norton and Woodstock, but these are still mainly unaffordable for many local people, especially young ones. The redefinition of affordable homes is something we are fighting for.  We do not believe that we should be building homes that encourage more commuting to Oxford and beyond. 


We also want to see more sustainable design of housing to make them carbon neutral in construction and energy efficient once occupied. 


For more details of our thoughts on housing visit our Housing page


Food and Agriculture:

We know we cannot continue to depend on importing so much out of season food, nor tolerate living in a society with such a degree of food poverty as we have seen over the past year.


We cannot afford to lose any more of our top soil into the rivers, nor allow these rivers to flood as they presently do, being constantly polluted with nitrates and phosphates.  


Some of us have used lockdown to spend more time growing food than before and found satisfaction in the putting down of roots, caring for the soil and wildlife sharing our spaces.  


The Green Party beleives that we need an agricultral transistion towards more sustainable farming and food production. Moving away from intensive livestock production to a more locally produced and more plant based food production system.  For mor info visit our Food and Agriculture pages


It is an embarassing fact that in one of the richest counties in one of the wealthiest countries in the world, food banks are sometimes the only source of food for entire families.


The Green Party wants to make that terrible reality a thing of the past, but while there are still families in need, we will continue encourage our members and supporter to activly support the food banks around West Oxfordshire like the Witney FoodbankWitney Community Fridge, the Chippy Larder and Eynsham Community Larder, Carterton Community FoodBank and the North Oxfordshire Community Foodbank. To download more info and the contact details of these organisations click here 

protect our natural biodiversity