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Serving members, supporters and  citizens in the towns and villages  around West Oxfordshire, including the following wards:


NOTE: Wards listed above in larger font have Green Candidates in 2024 local elections



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We have shown that we can overturn the Tory majority and work together for a greener future.  But we can only continue to succeed with your support.  If you care about the state of our nation and its future place in the world and believe that moving to more sustainable ways of living is the answer then why not join the Green Party and help change the government at every level.


In the last election approaching a million people voted Green taking 2.7% of the votes and got rewarded with 0.2% of the seats! That's just how undemocratic the first past the post system is!

Join the Green Party Today and make a difference
Start to Build Back Better - Join the Green Party Today and make a difference

With a proportional representation system the Green Party would have more 12 x time the seats in Parliament as it presently holds.

Its time for change! 

The UK and Belarussia is now the only countries in Europe with a first past the post system. 

Join the West Oxfordshire Green Party

The tide is turning and when it does we will need as many committed members as possible pushing for a brighter more sustainable greener future. 


and you will be part of a dynamic friendly group in West Oxfordshire, that meets often to discuss policies, and support our councillors


The Green Party the best investment in yours and your family's future!


Available to everyone. Pay a nominal fee of £3.33 per monthly or £40 once a year (feel free to donate more if you wish).  It reduces processing fees if you choose annual,so giving the Green Party slightly more funds.



If you are in low-waged employment or live outside of England and Wales. Pay only £13 annually.



If you are not in employment or a student. Pay only £6 annually.


For more details and to sign up visit here

Join the Green Party Today and make a difference