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Serving members, supporters and  citizens in the towns and villages  around West Oxfordshire, including the following wards:


NOTE: Wards listed above in larger font have Green Candidates in 2024 local elections



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West Oxfordshire Green Party Officers


Each year at the Annual General Meeting in June the Branch elects a team of officers to manage the branch affairs for the following year, including meetings, events, communications, membership issues, finances and of course election campaigns.

Dr. Frances Mortimer, Deputy Chair


Deputy Chair & Target Wards/Divisions Campaign Manager -  Dr Frances Mortimer


Harriet Kopinska, Branch Secretary, West Oxfordshire Green Party


Branch Secretary


Treasurer - Barry Wheatley


Treasurer - Barry Wheatley


Arron Baker, Membership Secretary, West Oxfordshire Green Party


Membership Secretary, Arron Baker

Communications Team


The West Oxfordshire Green Party has a small team of volunteers who work together to raise awareness of the work of the Branch and the Green Party in general. We are always looking for more volunteers to assist with the creation of press releases and generating content for our social media and website (see our volunteer page)

Su Staling, Social Media Coordinator West Oxfordshire Green Party


Susanna Starling

Facebook / Twitter

West Oxfordshire Green Party, Instagram coordinator




West Oxfordshire Green Party, Press/Communications Officer



Press/Communications Officer

Events Team


We also have a small events team that assists with all of our events and meetings. We are presently mainly working on-line but are always in need of more assistance with Events. If you would like to volunteer please visit out volunteers page for more information or email

West Oxfordshire Green Party, Events Coordinator



Events Co-ordinator


Celia Kerslake


It was with great regret and sadness that in February 2023 we hav to report the sudden death of our longstanding member and outstanding membership secretary for the branch, Celia Kerslake.
She was a pillar of the branch and an immensely modest, meticulous individual of great integrity, charm, warmth and loyalty with seemingly boundless energy and drive.

Celia is deeply missed not just by her friends in the Green Party, but by all who knew her.