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Clean Air


A special appeal to help make this
our BEST General Election yet!

This is going to have to be a very short campaign with urgent deadlines. We already have had to spend thousands from our meagre reserves to pay for printing election leaflets that the Royal Mail will deliver to all voters in three constituencies and to pay the three £500 deposits for the candidates to stand for Parliament.


That is just the start!

To mount an effective campaign here in West Oxfordshire and Cherwell
we need volunteers and money. 

Please give whatever you can afford - time or money:

  • £10 will print 500 A4 window posters for our supporters.
  • £25 pays for a Facebook advertisement.
  • £300 pays for 5,000 environmentally friendly leaflets encouraging supporters to vote Green,
  • £500 covers the deposit for one candidate.

Nationally, Greens are working flat out to ensure that we send MPs to Westminster from our four national targets. That is where your donations to the national party go.

But every constituency and every vote for a Green matters. Why?

  • If we can achieve 5% of the votes cast then we will retain our deposit of £500
  • Every vote that we gain anywhere in the country translates into almost £1 of “short money”  (the government funds for opposition political parties that are allocated to run their parliamentary offices).

Donate to our Appeal

Most importantly every vote sends a message to the new government that we need real change and real hope for a greener, fairer future.


Out of principle, if nothing else - if you feel that the climate and environment crisis is at all important

Get More Greens Elected!

Donate Now

We rely almost entirely on your donations to run election campaigns for the West Oxfordshire District Council and the County Council elections.


Unlike other parties we do not receive funds from large corporations, non-doms, trade unions or other major groups or organisations. Most of our donations come from individuals and small local businesses.


We rely upon your donations! They are our main source of income.


In the Green Party, no matter how hard we work, no matter how many times we’re proven right, the odds are stacked against us due to the UK’s first-past-the post voting system. This means Greens have to fight even harder to bring about change.  Despite that we are making real progress by winning seats in local government up and down the country, and West Oxfordshire is no different.

With your help we have already started to make a difference winning three seats on West Oxfordshire District Council's cabinet. 

One of your Green councillors, Andrew Prosser, is on the executive and is responsible for mainstreaming climate action throughout the Districts activities. While Cllr Rosie Pearson has championed West Oxfordshire's motion to support to the Climate and Ecology Emergency Bill and has been challeging Thames Water on its services to residents. Sandra Simpson - our newest councillor is busy with biodiversity, parks & recreation plus planning at the town council level and active travel and transport more broadly.


But that is just a start - we need more councillors representing the Green Party members and supporters - on the District and towns' and parishs' councils.   


In May 2024 we will be fighting elections to West Oxfordshire District Council aiming to double our representation on the District Council. We are also trying to support as many members as possible who wish to stand for any of the 151 town and parish council seats around West Oxfordshire that will be decided in May.


Before that we have may have more by-elections and possibly even a general election.


In order to campaign for more green members to be elected at all levels of government,
we need your support more than ever.


We must make sure that wherever we have a chance of winning, all postal voters, young voters and people new to West Oxfordshire, know about the Green Party and what we stand for. 


We have been busy fundraising to support our campaigns but we really need to raise another £4,000 or more to make them successful and see more councillors elected turning West Oxfordshire Greener.


For the price of a cup of coffee at your favourite coffee shop you can make a real difference. With more Greens elected, we can really push for more action on the climate and ecological emergency, challenge excessive and inappropriate new housing developments, and hopefully secure a sustainable green recovery  and fight for public services that are even more important during the present cost of living crisis.


Help change the balance of power in West Oxfordshire to a Greener future by donating  as little as £5 or £10 a month, or if you prefer, make a single donation - every pound takes us one step nearer to another election win.


In these time of high inflation we realise not everyone can afford to donate to a political party, but if you can, please donate generously.


If you would like to help in other ways such as gifts in kind such as your time creating content for our media or volunteering to help with the delivery of leaflets please contact


Please donate generously.


We realise that in these difficult times not everyone can afford to donate funds to the Branch, but perhaps instead you can help in other ways e.g. help us run fund-raising activities or donate materials or services in kind.


To offer your services or help in-kind please contact: