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 Green Councillors Working Hard for You 

WITNEY NORTH - Andrew Prosser


Witney West Oxfordshire District Councillor (Witney North) & Parliamentary Candidate for Witney 

Professionally Andrew is an expert in carbon accounting, supply chains, and natural capital, including the approval and delivery of science-based targets and environmental strategies. He has worked in the sustainability field for over fifteen years.

Andrew's international experience covers hundreds of Green House Gas (GHG) emission assessments, product lifecycle, energy, waste, and water footprints, for complex global supply chains, and across a wide range of business sectors.


Cllr Andrew Prosser Witney North

Andrew's business background is in marketing, innovation, and supply chain management.


He was a visiting CPD course tutor at Oxford University for six years; and also advises companies on technology commercialisation, responsible supply chain and resource efficiency, and market growth from more sustainable products and services.


Andrew was elected to the West Oxfordshire District Council in May 2021 and re-elected in 2024 and holds the Climate Change seat on the Executive of the Council.  He has a track record as a hardworking and effective councillor. He has worked hard on issues including air quality, traffic, cycle provision, youth services and river pollution.


Witney North now has a strong Green voice on the District Council, which has responsibility for housing and planning applications, as well as waste and recycling

 How Easy is to Get to the New Supermarket near the A40? 

Cllr Andrew Prosser next to A40 in Witney

Cllr. Prosser is concerned about pedestiran and cycle access to the new supermarket at Ducklington Roundabout and made a video to demonstrate the issues. 


Andrew said:

"Lots of people used to cycle and walk to the old Lidl store in Witney, but now the bigger store has moved across the A40 to the Ducklington roundabout, where there’s also a new hotel.


"So, it’s doable, but unfortunately another example of poor provision for pedestrians, cyclists, and mobility scooter users.

"No safe way to cross the roads. No lights or priority crossings points. Poor signposting and no road features to slow traffic down. I am worried about those who can’t cross quickly, particularly when cars and lights are zipping by in the dark. A job not done properly at all.


"As you will see from my video when I recently crossed the A40 roundabout junction past the new hotel and across to shop at the new larger Lidl supermarket for Witney, on the Ducklington side. They may be welcome additions to the town, but I’m afraid it is another example of poor provision and planning when it comes to moving pedestrians, mobility scooters and cyclists across town.


"If we want to reduce congestion, improve air quality, and make it safer and easier for people to get about, then we need better than this. Active travel infrastructure still feels like an afterthought, not central to planning as it should be. Such lack of planning excludes those who don’t have or can’t afford a car and can’t sprint across the road to dodge the cars."


 Green Jobs 

Andrew recently contributed to the discussions on how to improve energy efficiency in the present ahousing stock at the event "Net Zero, War Homes and Green Jobs"

 Good News 

QUARRY RD PLAYGROUND: new play equipment will be installed later this year after Cllr Andrew Prosser pushed for improvements to the playground on Quarry Road, Witney North.



Quarry Road Playground Improvement  Green Party Witney North Cllr Andrew Prosser


Cllr Andrew Prosser at Green Party Stand Witney
Cllr Andrew Prosser calling for action to reduce A40 Traffic congestion
Cllr Liz Reason with Cllr Andrew Prosser and West Oxon Green Party Chair Barry Wheatley