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The official website of the

West Oxfordshire


of the

Green Party

of England and Wales




Serving members, supporters and  citizens in the towns and villages  around West Oxfordshire, including the following wards:


  • Alvescot and Filkins
  • Ascott and Shipton
  • Bampton and Clanfield
  • Brize Norton and Shilton
  • Burford
  • Carterton North West
  • Carterton South  
  • Chadlington and Churchill
  • Charlbury and Finstock
  • Chipping Norton
  • Ducklington
  • Eynsham and Cassington
  • Freeland and Hanborough
  • Hailey, Minster Lovell and Leafield
  • Kingham, Rollright and Enstone
  • Milton under Wychwood
  • North Leigh
  • Standlake, Aston and Stanton Harcourt
  • Stonesfield and Tackley
  • The Bartons
  • Witney Central
  • Witney East
  • Witney North
  • Witney South
  • Witney West
  • Woodstock and Bladon




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Official Home Page                                                             Last updated 09/05/2023

Thank you for supporting us and VOTING GREEN

Welcome to the West Oxfordshire
of the Green Party

The West Oxfordshire Green Party is a branch of the Oxfordshire Green Party and of The Green Party of England and WalesWe are addressing the issues of our time, taking local action to solve local, national and global issues.


The Branch supports and runs campaigns for Green Party candidates at parish, town, district and county council elections.You may well have seen many of us out campaigning for the elections in May.  The elections are over for now but we still need you to help us raise the profile of our activities and to support the work of the councillors aroun the district.



The membership includes all Green Party members in the Witney parliamentary constituency (which covers the same area as the West Oxfordshire district).


The Branch has grown to almost 200 members, and we have another 500 supporters in 27 wards around the District. Most months we meet up to discuss campaigns, issues and events and annually the branch selects its officers at the AGM.

Councillor Spotlight

Sandra Simpson succesfuly stood for the Green Party in the
Witney North seat in the election of West Oxfordshire District Councillors and Witney Town council


For more details visit our councillor's page..

You can help us win more seats in the Next year's local elections
by joining us at our events and activities.


We will be holding Green Drinks in Witney, Chipping Norton and elsewhere around West Oxfordshire throughout the year.  For more details keep an eye on the Oxfordshire Green Party events page click here.


If you want to see change to a Greener Fairer Future please join us events.

Or better still Join the Green Party.  We need your support. 

Your Green Councillors are Working Hard

West Oxfordshire District Council Green Councillors Rosie Pearson & Andrew Prosser

 for You and a Greener Future.


Green Councillors make all the difference to your local decison making. 


We care about the places we live in and want to address the major issues of our time locally, regionally and nationally.


For more details of their actvities visit their social media pages on facbook and twitter or click here.

Cllr Rosie Pearson Steers Motion to support CEE Bill through Council
(Despite Conservatives apparently directed by local MP to vote against the motion.)

On the 11th October Green Councillor Rosie Pearson Proposed a Motion to support the Climate and Ecology Bill (formerly known as the CEE BIll) as it passes through Parliament.

Rosie made an impassioned appeal to all the councillors to suport the motion to support the CEE Bill which commits the Government to develop and implement a strategy to halt and reverse the loss of biodiversity by 2030 and to take full responsibility for its carbon and ecological footprint including along both the domestic and international supply chains. 


We are always looking for new supporters and potential members to join in with our activities and help to get more Greens elected.

You can do that by getting involved in our campaigns and activities that highlight issues such as: 

We need you to help us make a difference. 


We can build back better, but only if we put all our weight behind it and demand it!

Why not join us at one of our events and learn about what we are doing?  


Or if you think you can help us in any other way please don't hesitate to volunteer.

The present the cost of living crisis partly created mostly by the Government mismanaging the economy has not reduced the need to take urgent and radical actions to address the causes and impact of the climate change crisis.
If not tackled now the consequences of climate change will be much more severe and long lasting than the coronavirus epidemic or even Brexit.
By tackling the climate crisis we can address the drivers of the economic crisis. Remove dependence upon fossil fuels, and at the same time create more jobs in the renewable energy sector and in refitting homes to be more energy efficient.
What the governmental responses to the pandemic emergency around the world have demonstrated is that the policies of the Green Party are eminently practical and would not only ensure a radical response to the climate crisis but also tackle social inequities and put us in a better place to address any future emergencies such as the pandemic and cost of living crisis.

May Elections Candidate Spotlight


Barry Wheatley stood for the Green Party in the
Kingham, Rollright & Enstone ward in the election of West Oxfordshire District Councillors on May 4th.  Although he came second, it established the Green party as the main opposition party in the Ward.

Barry said " disapointed as I am that I am not going to be representing the people of Kingham, Rollright & Enstone.  We will be back working hard to gain the confidence of even more voters next year so that the ward can have a fairer, greener, cleaner future with a Green Councillor representing it in W.O.D.C.


For more details of who stood for us in 2023 visit our candidate's page..

Green Drinks RESTARTING 

We decided to  postpone all Green Drinks until after the local Elections. 
Now we have lots to celebrate, so will be restarting soon.

Keep and eye on th Oxfordshire Green Party events page for announcments about our Green Drinks and other events around the District and county - click here.