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end NHS privatisation


Clean Air


The last event organised by West Oxfordshire Green Party was Net Zero, Warm Homes and Green Jobs on Thursday 21st January. 
NOTE: we have now posted the presentations and a video of the event on our presentations page.
Keep an eye on this page as we will soon be posting details of our next event. 

Past Events Calendar

Note: Green Party organised events are in Bold and marked with the Green Party Logo.West Oxfordshire Green Party
In addition to Green Party events, we will try to list webinars, events and discussions that may be of interest to members and supporters of the Green Party.
If you are running an event or know of one that could be of interest to our members and supporters please let us know by emailing 

(Sorry if you have missed these events but if you are interested in the topic there is often a recording of the event....  check out the links)


West Oxfordshire Green Party

Tuesday 17th May

 2:00pm - 4:00pm


Continuing West Oxfordshire Green Party's series of talks and activities on the theme of Food and Farming we have organised a visit to Bruern Farms.


Those of you that attended our "Healthy Food Shouldn't Cost the Earth" event will remember Henry Astor's talk.  He has offered us the opportunity to visit his farm to give us the opportunity to 'go behind the scenes’ of the farm and find out more about its history. 


With Summer almost upon us we thought that this was an ideal time.  We can also use it to mark the Green Party's historic win in nearby Brize Norton & Shilton in the local elections.


Bruern Farms' mission is:

  • To create a farming system that restores soil health; produces nutritious food and increases biodiversity
  • To build community through events, education and outreach

Its Vision is :

  • To pioneer farming methods that provide solutions to the current challenges facing conventional British farming such as soil depletion, food security, climate change and habitat loss.

Come and Join us and learn about a farm that cares about the environment and strongly believes that healthy soil is essential for healthy food and hence healthy people.


For more details and to book your place visit: 


Bruern Farms Visit

West Oxfordshire Green Party

Saturday 30th April

10:00am and/or 2:00pm


Action Day Vote for Rosie Pearson Brize Norton & Shilton










Saturday 30th April 2022

10:00-12 and 14:00 -16:00pm
Asthall Manor

We will be serving Vegan Soup and focaccia

around mid-day or bring your own picnic for lunch at the Manor

 Come along and help us get
Rosie Pearson on to West Oxfordshire District Council.

To sign up for the morning/afternoon/day
please click here

Please let us know if you plan to join us
so that we can make the necessary a

If you have any questions please

West Oxfordshire Green Party

Staurday 16th April

10:00am and/or 2:00pm

Action Day Brize Norton & Shilton - Rosie Pearson



Saturday 16th April 2022 10:00-12 and 14:00 -16:00pm
Asthall Manor

Bring your own picnic for lunch at the Manor

 Come along and help us get
Rosie Pearson on to West Oxfordshire District Council.

For more details please email 
Please let us know if you plan to join us so that we can make the necessary arrangments.

West Oxfordshire Green Party

12th April

8:00 pm


River Water Quality


For more details and to register please visit

West Oxfordshire Green Party

7th April



Burford Green Drinks

Tuesday 5th April 8:00 pm

Fusion Power

April 5th On Line

FUSION POWER –its potential for Providing limitless, clean, carbon free, safe and secure energy.

A 30 min briefing session from:

Dr David Kingham Deputy Chair of Tokamak Energy, Harwell.

Based on their submission to COP26

For more details and to register please visit here: 

West Oxfordshire Green Party

Sunday 3rd April


Action Day


NOTE CHANGE OF DATE and Meeting Place

Sunday 3rd April 2022 2:00pm
Asthall Manor

 Come along and help us get another District Councillor elected.
For more details please email 
Please let us know if you plan to join us.

West Oxfordshire Green Party

30th March
8:00pm onwards


An on-line event on  the evening of Wednesday 30th March

On Zoom 8:00 pm


New housing developments are such a contentious issue - especially on valued green spaces such as agricultural land.

We will be exploring some of the key questions that we keep hearing on the doorsteps from residents around Oxfordshire:

  • What are the real “unmet needs of Oxford” 
  • Why is “Affordable Housing ” not affordable for local young families? 
  • Why are councils letting developers build housing before the necessary infrastructure and services are in place?

We will be putting these questions, and many more, to our panel of 3 local Green Party Councillors:

  • Ian Middleton - Oxfordshire County Councillor
  • Dr. Sue Roberts - South Oxfordshire District Councillor
  • Andrew Prosser - West Oxfordshire District Councillor

For more details and to book your place click here.




26th February BANK JOB - a film preview

"When most people do not understand how money comes into existence this film pulls back the veil on the dark world of debt with wit and insight. A film to inform, enrage and inspire."


After 5 years of research and hard work making, this independent feature documentary, Bank Job, it is ready to launch. The film Preview was on 26th February.


The film has been made with the support of the BFI Doc Society Fund and follows a journey from finding out about Strike Debt / The Debt Collective, buying up and abolishing millions of dollars of debt in the USA - to setting up Rebel Bank in the UK and subsequently a debt buying adventure in the UK.


23 February 2021

 The Low Carbon Hub: powering a greener future by Oxford Civic Society

Barbara Hammond will describe how the Low Carbon Hub is playing a central role in developing a smarter, flexible electricity system.

Imagine the whole county being powered by an interconnected series of smart micro-grids centred around multiple small scale, community-controlled renewable energy schemes. That is the vision of the Low Carbon Hub, a social enterprise that aims to prove we can meet our energy needs in a way that is good for people and the planet. The Hub's CEO, Barbara Hammond, will describe how the Hub is playing a central role in developing a smarter, flexible electricity system fit for our future.

11th February 2021

Working Together for Wildlife -


(event now full but will be live streaming but please email for information on following our live stream)

A Webinar for our local Parish Councils and Communities - live session full but please email for information on following our live stream


Under the Environment Bill, soon to become law, all public authorities in England will have a duty ‘to conserve and enhance biodiversity’. In this, the first of two webinars, Eynsham's Nature Recovery Network is hosted by Stanton Harcourt Parish Council and funded by Natural England to look at ways in which our local Parish Councils can embrace these new responsibilities and tap into the expertise and enthusiasm that is in the local community.

9 February


Sustainable Transport: In and Beyond the Pandemic - A Public Webinar

The COVID-19 pandemic has dramatically impacted on policy on, and public perceptions and usages of, public transport, with buses and trains positioned as mobile infection hotspots. As part of the same dynamic, private automobility, and in particular the car, has been re-instated as a preferred, because ‘safe’, mode of urban transport. Alongside these defining shifts, we have also witnessed significant uptake of cycling, electric scooters, and motorcycles as means to avoid resultant congestion and to mitigate ecological harm. What has the pandemic experience done to public and policy orientations toward sustainable transport in the here and the now? What futures are promised for such transport in the light of public and policy concerns about the ongoing threat presented by infectious disease? What are we to make of the fortunes of sustainable transport options, orientations and behaviours going forward? Establishing compelling visions of, and policies and practices for, sustainable transport (in the light of the challenges presented by this pandemic, and potentially future pandemics) has become an urgent matter. This event seeks to make a contribution to thinking through what such visions, policies and practices may look like.

Confirmed Speakers:

• Steve Melia (Senior Lecturer in Planning and Transport, Faculty of Environment and Technology) – Decarbonisation after COVID-19

• Professor Graham Parkhurst (Professor of Sustainable Mobility and Director of the Centre for Transport & Society, UWE Bristol) – Has Experience of the COVID-19 Pandemic Made a Permanent Difference to the Sustainable Mobility Policy Discourse?

• Professor Lucy Budd (Professor of Air Transport Management, De Montfort University, Leicester) – Towards Responsible Transport: Reflections on the Implications of Pandemic

• Counsellor Kye Dudd (Bristol City Council Transport Strategy) – The Pandemic: Accelerating Policy and Practice for Active Travel

• Jon Usher (Head of Partnerships, Sustrans) – Active Travel – The Role for Walking and Cycling in the New Normal

4 February 2021


Green Party of England and Wales


universal basic income


These are unprecedented times, and we need a far-reaching solution. Could a Universal Basic Income be exactly what Wales needs? Join us on 4th Feb for a thoughtful and timely discussion.

Where & When:

Thursday 4th February, 7pm

Zoom - RSVP for link


Amelia Womack, deputy leader of the Green Party of England and Wales

Molly Scott Cato, former Green MEP, finance spokesperson and professor of economics

Jonathan Williams, co-founder of UBI Lab Cymru

Ciaran Sturge, co-founder of UBI Lab Swansea


Anthony Slaughter, leader of Wales Green Party

4 February 2021 When Preston Meets the Doughnut: Community Wealth Building & C21 Economics
by Institute for Citizenship, Society and Change

Organised by UCLan’s Institute of Citizenship, Society & Change, this webinar will explore the connections between democratic community wealth building, the economics of human and planetary thriving, and place-based climate action.

Kate Raworth: Author of Doughnut Economics: seven ways to think like a 21st century economist; co-founder of Doughnut Economics Action Lab; and senior research associate at the Environmental Change Institute, University of Oxford.

Matthew Brown: Leader of Preston Council and a driving force behind the transformative Preston Model, an economic strategy that presents a comprehensive, interlinked approach to community wealth building.

John Barry: Professor of Green Political Economy, Queen’s University, Belfast; Place-based Climate Action Network investigator; Co-Chair of the Belfast Climate Commission.


1 February



Green Party

So we declared a Climate Emergency, what next?

Green Party

o we declared a climate emergency. But what happens next? And how do we turn declaration to action?

Join  Jonathan Bartley in conversation with 

Carla Denyer - Green Party


Cllr Julian Dean, Shrewsbury - Porthill

 on 1st Feb at 6pm

to discover exactly that.

29 January 2021


Green Party Event

Workers in the Creative Arts: The Struggle to Survive the COVID-19 Crisis

Online talk by Paul Valentine followed by Q & A and open discussion.


Our invited speaker is Paul Valentine, professional actor, Lambeth Green Party member, and recently elected as Equity Councillor following two years as Equity’s Young Members’ Councillor.


Paul was Chair of PCS Southbank Centre during the recent wave of arts redundancies, and lead protests in the Summer/Autumn of last year. 


This is a free online event - just RSVP for the Zoom link.


29 January 2021


Oxfordshire Green Party Event

Oxfordshire Green Party (OGP) Green Social

Join us online to meet friendly, like-minded people from around Oxfordshire.


Talk about how your month has been, share ideas, books, highlights and low-points.


Bring a drink and an open mind!  


Everyone welcome. 


27 January 2021

Our Planet: Our Business - an online Netflix/WWF film with discussions
by Linda Aspey

Our Planet: Our Business raises the important question: how can businesses help to tackle the world’s environmental crisis? Created for WWF by the Emmy® Award-winning Silverback Films, Our Planet: Our Business shows the immense value of nature to our economy, the scale of the challenges that we are facing, and the critical role that business can play in creating solutions at scale. It highlights 5 key goals that every business can set.

Hosted by Linda Aspey, a founding member of the Climate Coaching Alliance, an executive coach, facilitator and psychotherapist, alumna of the Cambridge Institute for Sustainable Leadership and of the Oxford School of Climate Change, and an Extinction Rebellion speaker and trainer. But first and foremost, she is someone who cares deeply about our beautiful planet.

The session will start with introductions and some context to the film from Linda, then we will watch the film separately but "together", then discuss and explore our learnings, questions and impressions in small groups, and finally, come back into plenary for summaries and takeaways.


21 January 2021


West Oxfordshire Green Party Event

Net Zero, Warm Homes and Green Jobs

Green Party public on-line meeting exploring the role of retrofit of exisitng homes in reaching net zero cabon emissions, how it is going so far and what extra actions are needed to achieve net zero - including developing the supply chain and creating green jobs.


Everyone Welcome.




19 January 2021 

or various other dates 20 Jan, 25 Jan, 28 Jan

Food Poverty Training: Oxfordshire, UK
by Good Food Oxford 

What is food poverty, how does it present, and what can you do about it? Join this FREE 2-hour online training session to discuss and learn
This training is open to all front-line service providers (volunteers and professionals) working with people in Oxfordshire (UK) who are experiencing food poverty.


BOOK NOW to secure a place - multiple dates available.

Since the start of COVID-19 there has been a threefold increase in the number of users of community food services in Oxfordshire (Good Food Oxford, 2020).
20% of adults in the UK now face some form of food insecurity (Food Foundation, 2020).
In the Food Poverty training session you will:

• discuss food poverty and how it presents in your work,

• learn the international definition and conditions of food poverty and its relevance,

• share best practice responses,

• find out how to signpost most effectively in Oxfordshire (UK),

• and get informed about national and local policy work.

In addition to the 2-hour session, there is also a 30-minute video and quick quiz which you will need to complete at least 24 hours before the session.


If you fill in a reflection and feedback form after the session, you will receive a certificate of completion.


This training is provided by Good Food Oxford and is FREE to those volunteering or working in Oxfordshire (UK) thanks to support from Oxfordshire County Council, Food Power and Soccer Aid for UNICEF UK.

19 Jaunary 2021 Cycle Infrastructure in a Medieval City
by Cyclox

mon Munk, Infrastructure lead at London Cycle Campaign will talk about how cycle infrastructure can work in the narrow streets of Oxford.


18 January 2021

Making the Most of Local Media


CAG Oxfordshire 


Making the most of local media - Oxfordshire CAG

Understand how you can simply and effectively use local media to support the work of your community organisation in Oxfordshire.

The workshop will include:

  • An overview of the different local media outlets in Oxfordshire, how they differ and what they’re useful for
  • What makes a story interesting to local journalists
  • How to pitch your stories well to the right people at the right time
  • How to make the most of any media you do
  • Sharing further resources and ideas to help you to put what you’ve learned into action
  • A Q&A with veteran local journalist Gill Oliver, who spent 12 years working for the Oxford Mail and The Oxford Times, and now works on Tech Tribe Oxford.
14 January 2021
Climate Change and Historic Places #1
by Historic Towns & Villages Forum

With Heritage Declares calling for action, this seminar will look at climate change, our heritage and its settings.


The first of a two related webinars, this event will look at the close relationship between managing historic places and climate change.


To-date 300 out of the 404 district, county, unitary and metropolitan councils in the UK have declared a Climate Emergency, and are looking at what 'net zero' emissions by 2030 or 2050 means for their strategic policies and day-to-day actions. While the inherent sustainability of re-using existing buildings is well-known, how persuasive are we at arguing for their retention in energy terms, or the microclimate of their settings?


How to balance adapting historic places to be more environmentally-responsible, whilst not harming their historic character, is a key challenge.

7-13 January The Oxford Real Farming Conference

The Oxford Real Farming Conference has developed over the last eleven years to become the unofficial gathering of the real food and farming movement in the UK. Working with partners, the conference brings together farmers, growers, activists, policy-makers, researchers and all those who support agroecology, including organic and regenerative agriculture and indigenous systems.

23 December 2020

TED Circle - The global movement to restore nature's biodiversity


TED Circles Event

TED Circle - The global movement to restore nature's biodiversity

Biodiversity is the key to life on Earth and reviving our damaged planet, says ecologist Thomas Crowther. Sharing the inside story of his headline-making research on reforestation, which led to the UN's viral Trillion Trees Campaign, Crowther introduces Restor: an expansive, informative platform built to enable anyone, anywhere to help restore the biodiversity of Earth's ecosystems.

19 December 2020


Oxfordshire Green Party Event

OGP Christmas Quiz
by Tim Eden

The greatest, greenest, geographically-irrelevant online quiz in Oxfordshire - gaudete!
We all miss going to a venue, and hanging out with friends, answering fiendishly hard questions set by our Quizmaster-supreme, Karl Kwiatowski.

So why dont you come to our online Zoom Quiz?!

Entry is by donation, so select the number of tickets, put in what you are willing to pay (suggestion is £2 per person), and wait for the Zoom Link! We will contact you prior to the event for your name and team name, so why don't you gang up with your colleagues and make an evening (in) of it! Max teams are of six, but if you feel lucky go it alone!

Quiz format is by tried and tested GoogleSheets, so please do log in via laptop, as other devices (phone, iPad , etc) tend not to allow you to flip backwards and forwards easily.

Also, dont forget that during the quiz we will be auctioning off a mystery book, and a BYOB option is always open!

17 December 2020

Ecosystems and biodiversity, science based policies in European Green Deal

The event will be held on December 17th, 2020 and it is intended to present best practices coming from all our Europe to show the actual impact investment in nature restoration can have to face the world’s current overlapping crisis. The event will also focus on the European Biodiversity strategy, a brainstorming session will address the importance to design a tailored maid Biodiversity strategy at local level.

This event topic also includes Science-based policies, on which interested partners may present a case-study related to the their city .

Achieving European Green Deal’s bold targets is likely to require scientific expertise from many different scientific areas. This Science based policies in the European Green Deal aims to discuss the most effective ways to integrate new research results into the EGD. This virtual gathering will bring scientists and policymakers together to discuss how the sciences can support the EU Green Deal and ensure that its ambitious biodiversity and zero-pollution targets are reached.

Policymakers and scientists will discuss the role that scientists should play in the EU Green Deal and where research is most needed.

17 December 2020

Project LEO: Smart Local Energy Systems, Net Zero and resilient communities
by Project Local Energy Oxfordshire (LEO)

Smart Local Energy Systems are key to the country's transition to a low carbon future, offering a route to Net Zero, delivering social and economic benefits and, critically, keeping the lights on.

Local authorities have a key role to play in the energy transition and Project Local Energy Oxfordshire (LEO) is investigating how this can be achieved right here in Oxfordshire working with Oxfordshire County Council and Oxford City Council. If you are a Local Authority Councillor or Officer and are curious to find out more, please join this webinar given by University of Oxford lead for the project, Professor Malcolm McCulloch.

The webinar will be introduced by Councillor Hayes from Oxford City Council and Councillor Constance from Oxfordshire County Council. Members of the public are also very welcome to join.  Malcolm will discuss:

• How Smart Local Energy Systems can play a part in achieving local and national Net Zero targets,
• How local energy markets and new business models can deliver energy network services and local social, economic and environmental benefit,
• How a “skilled community” of practitioners, policy makers, local authority officers, SMEs and others can be developed, building on the existing resources and initiatives in the County, to create the system conditions for Smart Local Energy Systems to become established and thrive,
• LEO’s activities so far and plans for the future.
11 December 2020

Can the UK lead on change? The CEE Bill and our future



Oxfordshire CEE Bill Alliance

The event " CCE Bill and our Future" will reflect on and celebrate our climate success in Oxfordshire and the UK. See an extended summary here
  • The UK has been a world leader on climate ambition to date, and has taken stronger action than many comparative countries. In order for the UK to maintain its strong reputation, the next evolution of climate architecture is needed. 
  • While the current Climate Change Act has served us well, there are gaps which the proposed new CEE Bill will address and hence ensure our legacy is a safe, sustainable climate for the future.

and will be led by an expert Panel.

The event promises to be well attended with a growing number of local organisations and charities already in support (Oxford Human Rights Festival, Berks, Bucks and Oxon Wildlife Trust, Aspire Oxford, Abingdon Carbon Cutters, Low Carbon Oxford North and Greener Henley to mention a few). 

11 December 2020 TEDxWallingford - Countdown

TEDx Wallingford is an online event featuring talks from the global TEDxCountdown launch event, as well as speakers local to Wallingford and Oxfordshire, and those from further afield. This will be an eclectic afternoon of big ideas for broad systemic and individual action.


Join us for as long (or as short) a time as you like to hear 'ideas worth spreading' about taking action on the climate crisis. Leave inspired and motivated to start making an impact where you live.


Register now for this free on-line event 


Our speakers:


Sophie Segal - ‘Going Circular at home - But what does that mean?’

Impact Entrepreneur


Erik Agudelo - ‘Tabletop Game Development: The missing link between quality education and the fight against climate crisis’

Games-based learning professional


Thalia Carr - ‘Every Little Helps When It Comes to the Climate Crisis, or does it?’

Sustainability leadership coach and facilitator


Rebecca Craske - ‘Learning from Nature, Being More Like Slime Mould’

Environmental education facilitator


Edd Keene - ‘A multi-instrumental live-looping performance'



Scott Provence

Instructional designer and author


Alexandra Whittington



Simon Biltcliffe - ‘How Much is Enough and How Business Can Uniquely Create It’

CEO, business expert and Marxist-capitalist


Sue Roberts - ‘Housing Crisis in a Climate Crisis’

District Councillor and Environmental Campaigner on Nature Restoration 

10th December 2020 The "New" Green Deal
by Sustainable Business Network 

What does the new Green Deal mean for business? Are there opportunities to provide a solution or to receive funds and or advice?

About this Event
25 years from the SBN bringing you information, connections, legal requirements and much much more related to sustainability.

Here is the SBN's December event highlighting the new Green Deal from the UK govt. What is it, how will it work, what are the barriers, what else is available etc The webinar will be using Microsoft Teams.

8th December Sustainable Food: consumer choice and system change
by Reduce the Juice 

Sustainable Food: In the latest webinar in the Reduce the Juice: Connect series, they be taking a look at why our food system isn’t working - not for nature and the climate, and not for adequately feeding the world’s population.


They will explore what we can do to eat more sustainably in our everyday lives and support a more fair and ecologically-sound food system – from cutting down on meat and animal products, to buying local and ethical produce, to making sure none of the food we buy is wasted. They will also be asking the important question: how can our sustainable food choices go hand-in-hand with pushing for broader systemic change?

05 December 2020 Not-the-Green-Fair-Quiz Covid-19 may have put the Green Fair on hold, but the greatest, greenest, geographically-irrelevant online quiz in Oxfordshire lives on!   We all miss going to a venue, and hanging out with friends, answering fiendishly hard questions set by our Quizmaster-supreme, Karl Kwiatowski.

So why dont you come to our online Zoom Quiz?!

Entry is by donation, so select the number of tickets, put in what you are willing to pay (suggestion is £2 per person), and wait for the Zoom Link! We will contact you prior to the event for your name and team name, so why don't you gang up with your colleagues and make an evening (in) of it! Max teams are of six, but if you feel lucky go it alone!

Quiz format is by tried and tested GoogleSheets, so please do log in via laptop, as other devices (phone, iPad , etc) tend not to allow you to flip backwards and forwards easily.

Also, dont forget that during the quiz we will be auctioning off a mystery book, and a BYOB option is always open!
03 December 2020 Community Energy Masterclass: Making Local Action on Climate Change Happen!
by Community Energy South 
Do you want to be part of ground level, community-based solutions to the climate crisis? This one-day masterclass will equip you with the knowledge and skills to make a difference in your local community and help to create a low carbon future and local green jobs.

During the day we will bring together some of the leaders in the community energy sector across the UK. We will give you step by step support on how you can join with people in your local community to start up renewable energy, energy efficiency and fuel poverty projects.   The day will include sessions on starting a community energy group, finding funding, developing projects and a technical crash course. We will tell you about inspiring projects that that will give you food for thought and explain the support that Community Energy South can offer you to make it all happen.

This masterclass is funded by Essex County Council and the LECSEA programme which includes further regional community energy support but this masterclass is open to all.
02 December 2020

The UN COP 26 climate conference - and why it matters

Oxford Friends of the Earth is hosting this informal open meeting on Climate Action and the UN COP 26 conference on 2 December, 6 – 7.30pm.

In November 2021 the UK hosts the UN ‘COP 26’ global climate conference in Glasgow. This is a critically important event for our future. It may be the biggest gathering of world leaders ever seen in the UK. We can all play a part, working together to push for the outcomes that are greatly needed from this event.

Stuart Neaverson of the UK Climate Coalition will speak at the meeting.  There will be an open discussion and a chance to ask any question about the COP and about our work on the climate crisis. We particularly welcome new members and supporters – come along, find out more about what we do, and share your ideas as well.

A Zoom link to join the meeting online will be sent to you in advance.

30 November 2020 Make your messages count : communicating climate change to inspire action
by Louder Than The Storm
A workshop looking at the tools needed to communicate climate change effectively to inspire action!  The Climate Crisis seems so big, important and obvious. Why don’t people seem to care?

Creating social change and inspiring people to act isn’t a science, but it’s not all luck either. Whether it’s talking to friends, writing articles or designing entire campaigns, this workshop will give you the tools to communicate climate change effectively to inspire action.

We’ve all tried telling people about climate change, stressing how all-encompassing it is, and how urgent action is required. We talk about ice caps melting, species dying and entire communities migrating. But it doesn’t seem to get through. In fact, it doesn’t work.

The way we communicate climate change has enormous influence over how people respond to it. But it isn’t working. We must completely change the way we talk about climate change, moving on from the classic tropes and ideas. This workshop provides the tools to communicate climate change more effectively.
27 November 2020
Monthly Green Party supporter social
The Oxfordshire Green Party wants to keep in touch with its valued volunteers and supporters all year round and not just when we are fighting an election. Join us for the monthly green social. You are invited to join members and supporters every last Friday of the month from 20:00 (previously at the Oxford Blue, 32A Marston St. now on Zoom)
27 November 2020 Discovery Talks: Sustainable foods: knowing, thinking, doing.
Is eating organic better? Is going vegan an environmentally friendly option? And how can we make farming more effective? In this panel event, our postgraduate researchers will consider how we can re-imagine our food systems and our relationship with food.

It is well documented that our current global food system is unsustainable causing unacceptable environmental impacts, while more than 820 million people do not have enough to eat and almost 3 billion are classed as overweight. A healthy, affordable and environmentally friendly diet for everyone will require a radical transformation of the system.

Taking perspectives from research in biological sciences, human geography, policy, and law, this event will ask: How can we collectively contribute to a sustainable food system? What impact can individual consumers make? 
27 November 2020 FILM CLUB - LARRY SANDERS BIOPIC This month Oxfrdshire Green Party isrunning a film club. Watch the film on Vimeo on Demand, then come to our online film club to discuss it. The producers, Keith and Paul Hoult of 3rd Strike Films will answer your questions. As the UK begins to face up to the challenges of a 2nd wave of pandemic measures that will once again test to the extremes our National Health Service, it is heartening to know that there are some strong voices out there speaking up for its increased investment and protection from the perils of privatisation.   Larry Sanders is the principle spokesperson for the NHS and Social Care for the UK Green Party, is one of those voices.

Over the course of his long career in Community Social work and as a Green Party Councillor in Oxford he has helped transform hundreds of lives since settling in Oxford, England over 50 years ago.   Born into a family of first generation Jewish immigrants living in Brooklyn, Larry is better known as the brother of Senator Bernie Sanders, the leader of the Progressive movement of the Democratic Party.

This is the life story of a remarkable human being, told in his own way, providing intelligent insight, moments of humour, as well as his reflections on life tragedies.

You can rent this video from Vimeo On Demand.

At the end of October West Oxfordshire District Council published its Carbon Action Plan [2] in answer to the Climate Change Emergency that was declared by the council in June 2019. Whereas we welcome any step to reduce the rate of climate change and any preparation for addressing the impact of its inevitable consequences, this plan falls short of what the District needs.

The plan primarily addresses what the council, as an organisation, will do to reduce its own carbon footprint. By now, after more than 16 months, the Council should have a much clearer idea of what they should be doing to assist the whole district to reduce its contribution to climate change emissions.   It may be that the Climate Change Strategy, that the Council plans to have ready by the end of the year, will be more comprehensive. However, we need to make ourselves ready to challenge any shortcomings in the plans, so that when it is considered by the Council in the new year we can get firm commitments that will make a real difference.

To help us prepare, we have invited Julian Dean, the National Green Party’s Climate Officer, to give us a briefing and lead a workshop.  In that meeting we will address:
  - What exactly should a local Climate Action Plan look like?
  - How does West Oxon District Council’s newly-published action-plan match up?
  - what we should celebrate?
  - what more should we be pushing for?


If you want to know the answers to any of those questions or if you have questions of your own, especially if you want to work with us to address climate change issues locally why not join us in this workshop. We really need your input.

26 November 2020 Green Impact: Communication and Engagement
by University of Oxford Estates Services Environmental Sustainability team 
Communicating Sustainability and Engagement - Building a Team
About this Event
In this online workshop we will explore theories of communication and how they work in practice, and how to overcome potential challenges. We will look into why people get involved in Green Impact, how to engage your colleagues and develop wider support, as well as some top tips for keeping up enthusiasm!

The webinar will be facilitated by Grace Corn from SOS-UK.
25 November 2020 Powering up the Green Recovery
by Advanced Oxford 
Advanced Oxford is launching its research on Oxfordshire's innovative green economy, green growth and recovery
About this Event
There are many examples of Oxfordshire based companies that are developing technology that will help us to transition to a low carbon, more sustainable economy. Advanced Oxford is launching its latest policy research report looking at how Oxfordshire’s science and tech businesses are contributing to this agenda.

The research and report are based around a series of case studies looking at the range of technologies and companies working in this sector. It shows that there is a now a growing cluster of Oxfordshire companies developing ground-breaking work to help solve the climate change emergency and to address sustainability and environmental challenges. As well as highlighting the technology and capability within the region, the report will also look at what needs to be done to support growth in these activities and will assess how innovative companies can be at the heart of a post-Covid green recovery.

Alongside the research and report, Advanced Oxford has developed a Directory of innovative companies that are working to develop ‘green’ products and services and the Directory will be launched alongside the report and our research findings.
25 November 2020 Sustainable Cities And Infrastructure
by FutureEverything 
As part of our third theme Sustainable Cities and Infrastructure we invite businesses of all sizes from all sectors and industries, as well as academics, that wish to explore:

 - Transportation and Future Mobility
 - Urban Planning and Sustainable Construction
 - Green Energy
 - Digital Infrastructure and Technology
25 November 2020 Noam Chomsky and Robert Pollin: The Green New Deal
by The Guardian Live
Philosopher and activist Noam Chomsky and economist Robert Pollin will discuss their new book about the climate crisis.
Climate Crisis and the Global Green New Deal, confronts humanity’s greatest challenge. The disastrous consequences of unchecked climate change are well known - from huge stretches of land becoming uninhabitable to failing crops and devastating wildfires. Humanity must stop burning fossil fuels within the next thirty years. But to succeed it must also take on the misguided fear that economic calamity and unemployment are consequences of a greener economy. The authors argue that there is a solution, which will raise living standards and protect livelihoods, and it is the Green New Deal.
£5.83 – £18.38



27 November 2020
Monthly Green Party supporter social

The Oxfordshire Green Party wants to keep in touch with its valued volunteers and supporters all year round and not just when we are fighting an election. Join us for the monthly green social. You are invited to join members and supporters every last Friday of the month from 20:00 (previously at the Oxford Blue, 32A Marston St. now on Zoom)

20 November 2020 Building a green economic region: the environmental ambitions of the AUG
by Arc Universities Group
Join our webinar to discover the contributions of the Arc Universities to achieving environmentally sustainable economic growth in the Arc.

A chance to reflect, to ask questions, and to join the debate. How do we ensure that the skills, innovation, research and teaching in our region’s Universities help to deliver environmentally sustainable economic growth?

This webinar, the first in a series of events looking at what the Arc Universities are doing to contribute to the wider aspirations of the region, aims to stimulate further ideas, actions and collaboration opportunities and partnerships.


Professor Simon Pollard OBE, Pro-Vice-Chancellor, Water, Energy and Environment, Cranfield University
Cllr Bridget Smith, Chair of the Arc Environment Board
Professor Paul Leinster CBE, Chair, Oxford—Cambridge Arc Local Natural Capital Plan Partnership Group; Chair, Bedfordshire Local Nature Partnership; and Professor of Environmental Assessment, Cranfield University
Dr Emily Shuckburgh OBE, Director, Cambridge Zero, University of Cambridge
Professor Stephen Hallett, Professor in Applied Environmental Informatics, Cranfield University
Professor Jim Hall, Professor of Climate and Environmental Risk, University of Oxford
Joe Cuthbertson, Project Director, Local Natural Capital Plan, Environment Agency
19 November 2020 Green Impact 2020-21
by University of Oxford Estates Services Environmental Sustainability team
Green Impact networking and support meeting.
The 2020-21 Green impact year of activities is now in process. We will be happy to support your work and invite you to support each other.

We can talk about plans for the coming year, starting a new team or strengthening an existing one, what can be done with current limitations, how to support behaviour change and more.

Feel free to raise issues or send questions.
19 November 2020 West Oxfordshire Green Drinks The West Oxfordshire Green Party invites members and supporters to join them for a social event every third Thursday of the month from 20:00 (previously at the Plough in Witney now on Zoom)
12 November 2020 Green Doctor Energy Advice Experts Introduce The ‘Green Homes Grant’ + Q&A
by Groundwork NEWY
Join the Green Doctor energy advice experts for a free 30 to 45 minute Zoom presentation about the ‘Green Homes Grant’ on Thursday 12th November 2020 at 11am.

The ‘Green Homes Grant’ is a Government funding scheme that is available to all households in England to improve the energy efficiency of their homes.

The Green Doctors will explain how the scheme can benefit you, the amount you may be able to claim, the measures included and the advantages of applying for the funding through your expert Green Doctor team.

There will also be a Q&A session for participants to have any questions answered by our team of qualified and experienced energy efficiency advisors.
09 November 2020 Standing for The Greens Join us in the next online workshop in our Standing for… series. This week we are focusing on being a Green Woman where we will be joined by Green Party of England and Wales and Scottish Greens. We want to demystify the process of standing for the party in all spheres of elected office. Learn more about the two parties, language used in the parties internally and the steps you need to take to put yourself forward for selection as a candidate. We want to highlight the support available to you on your journey from inside the parties and other programmes at The Parliament Project.



18 October 2020 Go Green for your Community - Online Event Are you aged between 17-30?
Do you have an idea of a way to make your community more environmentally friendly?  Could you gather yourself and friends to bring about positive change in your local area? If so, then you have come to the right place!
18 October 2020 Common measures for businesses to reduce their energy use –saving money, time, and carbon In this webinar Michael Esvelt, Operations Director at Oxford Brookes' Environmental Information Exchange, will explore common measures for reducing energy use and improving energy efficiency in buildings, including: lighting changes, dealing with business appliances or machinery, employee awareness, renewables installation, and more. We'll also hear from a building expert on the process for installing these measures.
14 October 2020 Energy efficiency for businesses: understanding your existing energy usage to save money, time, and carbon A crucial step in the process of making energy efficiency improvements to a building is understanding your existing energy performance and use in order to identify improvements.

Oxford Brookes' Environmental Information Exchange team (one of the Energy Solutions Oxfordshire (ESOx) project partners) are experts at undertaking energy assessments and audits, and in this webinar we'll be joined by Michael Esvelt and Moira Dorey who will explain the importance of understanding your existing energy use, and what an energy audit entails.
06 October 2020 West Oxfordshire Green Party Business Meeting (Members Only) West Oxon Green Party monthly business meeting


30 September 2020 Visions for Change: is climate change a social justice issue? The effects of climate change disproportionately impact the most vulnerable communities, deepening existing social inequalities and injustices. For a successful transition to a zero-carbon economy, the intersections between human rights and environmental degradation must be addressed in tandem. Join us in exploring perspectives that take a critical look at how aspects of identity create complex systems of discrimination and privilege, how these systems interact with climate change, and what we can do about it.
30 September 2020 Seizing the opportunity to raise hydrocarbon taxation In this webinar, Daniel Hardy and guest will talk about how to address the uneven playing field of energy, where fossil fuels attract large subsidies compared to clean and renewable technologies.
28 September 2020 Make it Green: Planning for a Post-Covid-19 Green Recovery The UK is aiming to hit net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050. UK manufacturing accounts for 11% of these emissions so with the government putting an increased focus on the UK’s green credentials, manufacturers are going to come under increased pressure to go green.
Hear how companies are planning to change, if at all? What are companies doing already? Hear from Make UK’s policy experts and manufacturers who have already started to benefit from green innovations.
Net-zero represents a huge opportunity for manufacturers. On one hand they will need to reduce their own emissions and those of their supply chain; on the other hand, manufactures will find solutions innovative products, services and business models needed to decarbonise and turn the economy into a new thriving and sustainable one.
25 September 2020 Monthly Oxfordshire Green Party supporter social The Oxfordshire Green Party wants to keep in touch with its valued volunteers and supporters all year round and not just when we are fighting an election. Join us for the monthly green social.
25 September 2020 Green tariffs, PPAs, Offsetting and Insetting  What are green energy tariffs, power purchase agreements, offsetting and insetting? Do they have meaningful impact, or is it greenwash?
Climate change is changing our planet and society and we need to reduce our emissions fast. One way to do this is to for people to sign up to green energy tariffs, and offset their carbon emissions. Companies and organisations can sign up to renewable energy power purchase agreements and inset their emissions.
But what do these actions achieve on the ground? What is their impact? Do they create positive change and reduce our greenhouse gas contributions? What are the advantages and disadvantages of acting in this way? Is it lot of greenwash?
A trio of speakers will draw on their expertise and briefly cover these topics before answering questions:
Sarah Merrick, Founder and CEO of Ripple, will cover green energy tariffs
Richard Murphy, Managing Director of The Energy Consortium, will speak on power purchase agreements
James White, Sustainability Executive of Climate Care, will explain offsetting and insetting.
Helen Gavin, University of Oxford, will moderate the event.
24 September 2020 West Oxon Green Party Visit to FarmEd 

CANCELLED Due to Covid 19 restrictions


Do you want to learn more about regenerative farming  and sustainable food systems, including natural flood management, heritage orchards, tree planting, wildflower margins and wild beekeeping watch out for future emails?
Located roughly halfway between Chipping Norton and Shipton-under-Wychwood FarmED is a Community Interest Company established to stimulate a better understanding of regenerative farming and Food production.

24 September 2020 Why we are still not acting on climate change; what is COVID19 showing us? Live interview beamed from ‘The European Sustainability Academy’ in Crete, Sharon Jackson will provide thought provoking insight into why so many people do not enact their well-intended climate-change recovery behaviours.
Sharon will use ‘communication’ examples from the COVID19 pandemic to illuminate why our attention towards some of the most important issues can become blocked without us realising.
This session is for anyone with a curiosity about how to gain more awareness of how to make their own sense of the globally pressing sustainability issues and how to consciously shift good intentions into meaningful actions.
23 September 2020 Rewiring Law to Fight Climate Change The Chancery Lane Project is a collaboration of lawyers from around the world to develop new contracts and model laws to help fight climate change.
The project helps lawyers create practical legal solutions to mitigate climate change using collaborative problem solving to rewire contracts and laws to create new market norms for lawyers and lawmakers to use.

Join us as the Chancery Lane Project goes global, launching in New York.
This event will:
- Launch the third edition of the climate contract playbook, a growing repository of precedent clauses lawyers can freely use in their contractual drafting.
23 September 2020 The Earth Convention - Covid-19 and Climate Change – Time for a reset? This opening session of the Earth Convention series explores the impact of the global pandemic on climate change and the environment and asks – is now the time for a reset? How has lockdown changed how we view the environment? Can we take the opportunity to turn the COVID-19 crisis into a defining moment in the fight against climate change? How can we reach for a healthier, more sustainable and greener way forward and what practical steps can we all take to create the future we want to see?
Christiana Figueres was the Executive Secretary of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCC) 2010-2016 and the public face of the most pivotal climate agreement in history, the Paris Climate Agreement of 2015.
Tom Rivett-Carnac was Christiana’s political strategist at the UN. Together, they are the co-founders of Global Optimism, an organisation focused on bringing about environmental and social change and co-authors of The Future We Choose
James Thornton is the founding CEO of ClientEarth. Using corporate law to address the climate crisis, ClientEarth has developed a truly global reach, working with investors to move markets toward renewable energy, stop coal fired power plants, and using the courts to force governments to clean up the air.
Juliet Davenport is founder and Chief Executive Officer of Good Energy – a renewable energy company with a mission to power a greener, cleaner future together with its customers. Juliet has been an innovator for over 20 years, working on ideas to fight climate change and transform the energy sector for the better.
Chaired by Rosie Boycott – cross bench peer, food campaigner 
22 September 2020 Riders on the Storm: The Climate Crisis and the Survival of Being Writer, broadcaster and activist Alastair McIntosh discusses the science, psychology and spirituality of climate change in his new book.
22 September 2020 Climate Change and Ground Hazards Dr Tim Farewell, a geospatial environmental data scientist - who has dedicated his academic career to minimising the impacts of ground hazards on society - explains how ground hazards will respond to a changing climate, focusing on the key risks to property and land and how they are changing across the nation.
21 September 2020 Sustainable Health and Care, Climate Change and COVID-19 Exploring the opportunities and obstacles to creating greener health and care systems in the recovery from, and beyond, the COVID-19 pandemic.
18 September 2020 The Green Economy, GreenTech and Social Enterprises: How to Get Involved  This session will focus on Green Business/Clean Tech as a start-up idea. This session will present an overview of Green Economy jobs and provide resources for entrepreneurs who not only want to be sustainable with an existing business but who are interested in starting a venture that will help drive innovation for the planet.
17 September 2020 Building a Business that is Earth-Friendly, Sustainable and Healthy Speaker: Jonathan Petrides - Founder and CEO, allplants
JP is the serial entrepreneur behind plant-powered food company allplants. From an innovative London kitchen allplants uses bold flavours and hyper convenience to help us all to eat healthier and nourish the planet - bringing more plants onto plates across the UK.
17 September 2020 Up Close and Policy: Climate Assembly UK - Policy, Parliament & People

This seminar brings together people from all walks of life to discuss how the UK can reduce greenhouse gas emissions to net zero by 2050. Join us for the exciting session bringing together four people who have in-depth knowledge of the work of the assembly to discuss its work: Prof Jim Watson (assembly Expert Lead),

Prof Alan Renwick (assembly Advisory Board), Sarah Allan (from charity Involve that supported the assembly), and

Jack Miller (from the Parliamentary Office for Science and Technology who will help take forward the recommendations within parliament).

17 September 2020 Sustainable Transport – The Way Forward Part of Scotland's Climate Week - We know that climate change is an immediate and urgent problem, but we all need to get around in our daily lives. We'll be highlighting options such as electric vehicles and ebikes, covering what they are, the benefits of owning one and the support available if you decide to go electric. We'll also be talking about active travel and ways to get around.
17 September 2020 How to talk to kids about climate We are bringing together climate leaders from South Africa, the U.S. Uganda and Sweden to discuss how to talk to children about the climate crisis, and how to support child-led climate activism and engagement.
17 September 2020 Eating Our Way Out of Climate Change; In Discussion with Sarah Bridle Sarah will be discussing with us how different foods contribute to climate change and what we can do about it.
17 September 2020 West Oxon Green Party Online Green Drinks Come and join like minded people from around West Oxfordshire for an informal chat and social get together.
16 September 2020 Unlock Democracy We all know that our democracy is broken. The question is how do we fix it?
16 September 2020 Regenerative Leadership and Our Democracy, Better is Possible Greens have a radically different vision for the course of our country. And enabling this vision to come to fruition naturally requires a different form of leadership.

For our next live conversation, we welcome our recently re-elected co-leaders, Jonathan Bartley and Sian Berry as well as our Deputy Leader, Amelia Womack for a conversation with Giles Hutchins, the author of the book on Regenerative Leadership.

Together they will discuss how Better Is Possible when we confront the challenges of co-creating a regenerative future with vision, collaboration and creativity.