West Oxfordshire Green Party Policy Development

Both nationally and at County level there is a need for constant review of our party's policies to make sure they are relevant and appropriate. To achieve this the Oxfordshire Green Party has created a Policy Working Group to review and develop county wide policy. The Working group has announced a consultation process to which all local members can contribute. For more information visit here.


There are certain aspects of policy that need to be developed at a more granular level than the County.  West Oxfordshire along with the other branches are therefore looking to review policies with a much more local eye. We will be seeking advice guidance and input from our members but would also be keen to hear from the general public that kie and work around West Oxfordshire about the issues that afre important to them.

Such as:  

  • Climate change
  • Transport 
  • Environmental pollution
  • Loss of bio-diversity
  • Social inequity
  • Local and national public services

We need your help to us make a difference.  Why not join us at one of our events? or if you think you can help us please don't hesitate to volunteer. We are always looking for supporters whether you are a member or not.  Alternatively drop us a line via our contact page.