Green Party Candidate for Witney

Real Hope. Real Change.

Why vote for Andrew?

  1. Vote for someone who stands up for you and always puts the well-being of our community and environment ahead of personal benefit and career progression

  2. Vote for someone with foresight and experience, who will work hard for the community and with our international partners for UK security and a better world

  3. Vote for someone with integrity, who will work for a fairer, more representative voting system, and end the current system of rewards and honours for political and business donors

NHS, health and social care

Defending our NHS and making sure people have access to free healthcare, is a Green priority. Greens in parliament will push for a properly funded NHS to bring down hospital waiting times and stop getting to see your GP or a dentist feel like such an uphill struggle. I will also push for better funded and supported community support and services, so that people have the local support to live well and move back into their homes. I will also push for the rapid transit links and dedicated bus and taxi lanes to ease traffic congestion and improve connectivity to the specialist hospitals in Oxford.

Affordability and availability of housing

Green MPs in parliament would lead the drive for a safe, warm home for everyone.

My plans to end the housing crisis include building more council-owned social housing, particularly in our town centres, protection for private renters through rent controls, an end to no fault evictions, reducing the numbers of empty properties, and ensuring that new developments come with great community services. I will always push to ensure that adequate transport, sewage, and community infrastructure is built-in from the start on new developments.

Water quality - pollution in rivers

Protecting our rivers from the sewage dumping caused by water companies is a priority for me and the Greens. Other parties are only committing to half measures on this issue. I am pushing for Thames Water to be brought back into public ownership, and broken up into a smaller organisation locally, rather than continuing as a giant out of touch monolith. This will help channel investment to infrastructure upgrades faster, rather than being squeezed out to overseas investors. It will also help to draw in other funding for upstream protected natural areas, to ensure water purity and reduce the risk of flooding in downstream towns and villages.

We are all expecting there to be a change of government after this election, but rather than just electing a Labour government with a huge majority, if we have a strong group of Green MPs there, we can hold them to account, push them on their promises, and press them to take the action we need to address the environmental crisis. Green MPs are best positioned to do this..

About Andrew

Andrew has lived in Witney for 25 years and is married with 2 daughters. He runs his own business and helps international companies reduce their carbon, water, and supply chain impacts. He has previously coached girls’ football teams and helped organise six-aside football for many years. He was also a volunteer for the Samaritans charity in London.


Andrew served as a Witney Town Councillor from 2019-23 and has been a District Councillor since 2021. He is an Executive Member and is responsible for the Climate Action and Nature Recovery portfolio on the West Oxfordshire District Council Executive.


Andrew graduated from City, University of London. He started his career in manufacturing in Germany after working in the United States and Africa, and on an industrial placement for BP Plc in London, which coincidentally was when they were rebranding to Beyond Petroleum - it didn’t come to pass!


He began working with environmental technologies over 25 years ago and worked with Government and Development Agencies to support innovations and companies moving into the renewable energy sector, including Offshore Wind. He also played an early role in developing and measuring the carbon footprint of business and products.


Andrew studied an Advanced Diploma in Environmental Conservation from Oxford University 2001-03, before setting up his own environmental business. He was Vice Chair of the Oxford European Association and joined the Green Party in 2018 to drive political action on Climate Change and help build a greener, fairer society.

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