General Election

Snap General Election Called for July 4th 2024

Suddenly, we are fighting another election in 2024 - a General Election. We got three Green councillors elected in the local elections, just last month, in May.  As a result we now represent eight wards in Cherwell and West Oxfordshire and are in the administration of both councils. 


The General Election is a real opportunity for us to win over more voters to the Green Party.  But we need more volunteers to help deliver leaflets and posters, if you can help in anyway contact us on


The calling of a snap election means that we have had to launch our Green Party General Election campaign with little or no warning, but we have prepared ourselves, as best we can. 


We had already selected an excellent candidate for each of the three newly redefined constituencies of Banbury, Bicester & Woodstock, and Witney.


The new constituency of Bicester & Woodstock is a measure of the amount of house building that has happened in Cherwell and West Oxfordshire.  Due to the resulting increase in number of residents in Oxfordshire, there has had to be a new parliamentary constituency created in the north of the county - Bicester & Woodstock.  The new constituency has been carved out of the old Witney and Banbury constituencies.


With the change of boundaries for the parliamentary elections, the membership of West Oxfordshire Green Party is now working hand in hand with the North Oxfordshire Branch, to make sure we make the most of the election, with active campaigns in all three constituencies.

Introducing Our Candidates

Arron Baker for Banbury; Andrew Prosser for Witney; Ian Middleton for Bicester & Woodstock

To learn more about our candidates click on their name below:


Which Constituency are you in?

On the doorstep, many people have expressed confusion over which constituency they are now in.  Working from Witney Town - from North Leigh eastwards is in the Bicester & Woodstock Constituency, including Eynsham, Stonesfield and Combe.  


To the north of Witney from Finstock, Fawler and the Bartons northwards is in the Banbury Constituency including Charbury, Kingham and Chadlington.


To check which is your constituency visit: and put in your post code.


Key dates between now and July 4th.

Andrew Prosser and Arron Baker with Cllr Sandra Simpson
Ian MIddleton for Bicester and Woodstock

Help us to make this our best general election yet!

This is going to be a very short campaign with urgent deadlines. We already have had to spend thousands from our meagre reserves to pay for printing election leaflets that the Royal Mail will deliver to all voters in three constituencies and to pay the three £500 deposits for the candidates to stand for Parliament.


That is just the start! To mount an effective campaign we need volunteers and money. Please give whatever you can afford:

  • £10 will print 500 A4 window posters for our supporters.
  • £25 pays for a Facebook advertisement.
  • £300 pays for 5,000 environmentally friendly leaflets encouraging supporters to vote Green,
  • £500 covers the deposit for one candidate.

Nationally, Greens are working flat out to ensure that we send MPs to Westminster from our four national targets. That is where your donations to the national party go.

But every constituency and every vote for a Green matters. Why?

  • If we can achieve 5% of the votes cast then we will retain our deposit of £500
  • Every vote that we gain anywhere in the country translates into almost £1 of “short money”  (the government funds for opposition political parties that are allocated to run their parliamentary offices).

Donate to our crowdfunder -


Most importantly every vote sends a message to the new government that we need
real change and real hope for a greener, future for the country as a whole.


Out of principle, if nothing else - if you feel that the climate and environment crisis is at all important